Friday, August 20, 2010

"You Can Be Everything God Wants You to Be"-Booksneeze review

I received a free copy of Max Lucado's book called "You Can Be Everything God Wants You to Be" from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of review. The book is 127 pages long. It is a small book with a lot of inspiration and motivation. The author calls on the reader to delve into personal history to discover the talents God has provided. The goal is to turn those God-given talents into a profession that you will enjoy and bring glory to God. I loved the book. It appeared to be marketed for graduates, but I felt the book has a wider audience in today's world where so many are unemployed and returning to the workforce after retirement. I also felt the author could maximize the effectiveness for the reader by adding a workbook component that would help the reader discover talents. The author could recommend an internet search of occupational classification websites to match talents and job possibilities. I read the book three times because I did not want to miss one detail.